The Lewis Charlton Upper School and Lower School offer a truly unique educational experience for those students who have experienced difficulties within both mainstream and other special education provisions. We are here to provide quality education and development with a team-and in an environment-that also supports students with therapeutic care solutions.


Welcoming students ages 11-19 years.


Welcoming students ages 5-11 years.


Ofsted Inspections 2023

“Clearly structured lessons and teaching methods that are tailored to their social. Emotional and mental health needs enable pupils to control their emotions and focus on their work. As a result, this helps them to learn new knowledge and to make progress in their learning.”

“Teachers are helping pupils acquire new knowledge. Pupils say that they are getting better at comprehension because teachers are asking questions that deepen their understanding of what they are reading. In lessons, pupils are engaged with their learning and working independently.”

“Teachers use their subject knowledge, and their detailed knowledge of the pupils’ needs to create learning opportunities that benefit the pupils. These benefits are seen in both the acquisition of new knowledge and skill as well as in the improvements to pupils’ social and emotional development.”

“Teachers use assessment in each lesson to help them to see if pupils have engaged with the learning and learned the required key knowledge.”

Our Approach

With years of experience, we have a recognised track record of providing a highly effective placements for all our students.
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Our CampusES

One of the unique features of the Lewis Charlton campuses are our distinctly tailored approach to providing the right setting for each student.
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Lewis Charlton admits students referred on the basis of an individual child's social, emotional, and mental health needs.
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Our Leading Principles

Our staff, students, parents/caregivers, and commuity pride ourselves on developing all young minds with six primary leading principles.

What our student parents say